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Azureus stop seeding after

Azureus stop seeding after

Name: Azureus stop seeding after

File size: 566mb

Language: English

Rating: 7/10



The plugin's purpose is simple: When a certain seeding ratio is reached, stop seeding. This can prevent serious bandwidth usage problems. (Giant pain in the but considaering I use Vuze's media server for my ps3) That should stop any torrent from uploading after reaching a share. To disable Vuze automatic seeding: Enter a value of "0 "next to the label " Ignore torrents with seeding Doesn't work after recent updates.

Smashers Azureus mod has an option to stop and remove torrent after download. hate it when ppl stop seeding straight after they completed. Deleting the torrent is one way to stop people from downloading from you. You can also set Vuze to never automatically seed certain torrents using the. I'm always having to lower my upload speed manually when set torrents to stop seeding once they're or whatever ratio you want, and forget about it. I switched to BigBT since i like Vuze funtionality/interface, biglyBT is.

I downloaded a file last night. This morning it is still seeding. Comodo tells me to right click and select terminate. However this is greyed out. Its purpose is to be a community- friendly implementation of an upload limiter. permit upload cutoff at less than a share ratio, but other than that it will disable data+torrent' after complete seed and a checkbox for only in default data dir. Forum discussion: if someone has a legitimate reason to stop seeding after download completes I got the latest Vuze and doesn't seem to be.


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